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  Shandong Besten Import & Export Co., Ltd. is the import and export business platform for all materials of Dejian Group, which is a foreign trade company that has been established for many years and specializes in import and export business. The company has a registered capital of 20 million yuan and more than 20 employees. It is headquartered in Dezhou City, Shandong Province. The business involves the import and export of hardware building materials, construction machinery, power tools, large-scale construction machinery, prepackaged foods wholesale, timber sales and other commodities. (Excluding the special import and export commodities stipulated by the state and the special products banned by the state from imports and exports,etc). As an A Level qualification company for foreign trade export, it sets up business branch structures in dozens of countries such as Sudan, South Sudan, Angola, The Republic of Congo, Zambia and Saudi Arabia. There are multiple exhibition halls and warehouses, and the company has established cooperation relationship with more than 100 domestic famous brand manufacturers. 

  Shandong Dejian Group Co., Ltd. is a super construction enterprise specializing in the general contracting of building construction. It is a modernization group integrating investment and development, exploration and design, construction, capital operation, international engineering and trade and construction industrialization. In the years of 2015 and 2016, it was continuously selected as one of China's Top 200 Competitive Enterprises in Construction Industry. In 2017, it was listed in ENR - The Top 250 International Contractors, ranking 177th.

  Dejian Group was founded in 1953. It has more than 30 branch companies and regional companies, with registered capital of 520 million yuan, total assets of more than 6 billion yuan, and more than 3,000 engineering and economic management personnel. The Group has established the first engineering technology research institute of private construction enterprises in Shandong Province, which has the special qualification for general contracting of housing construction, the first-class qualification of general contracting for municipal engineering and the first-class qualification for multiple special project contracts. It also has the right to operate international engineering contracting and enterprise qualifications of exporting services and national foreign assistance project general contracting.

  Shandong Dejian Construction Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Dejian Group and was established in 2000. The company has existing staff of 586 people, including various types of engineering and technical personnel of 189 people. It owns a total asset of nearly 100 million yuan with profits and taxes over 10 million. It has 362 sets of various types of construction equipment, and has the level-1 steel structure engineering, the professional level-1 mechanical and electrical equipment construction, the professional level-1 fire engineering construction, level-2 boiler installation, level-2 lifting machinery and elevator installation and maintenance, level-2 pressure pipeline GB2/GC2, level-3 intelligent building, level-3 pipeline engineering, level-4 electric power facilities permit to install (repair, test) and other qualifications. The company possesses comprehensive contracting capacity of complex construction of industrial and civil building installation engineering, special equipment installation, repair, maintenance engineering, steel structure engineering, fire engineering and power facilities construction.

  The construction of a fabricated steel structure production base was began in February 2017. The base is located in Dezhou Economic Development Zone, west of Chongde 13th Avenue and north of Sanba East Road and covers an area of 150 mu.

  The new fabricated steel structure production base was started construction in February 2017 and put into operation in October 2017. It includes 20,000 square meters steel production workshops and 35,000 square meters large stock yards. It introduces two production lines (H-beam steel production line and box beam production line), and is equipped with secondary processing equipment, shot blasting equipment, component transportation equipment, lifting equipment, etc. It owns the most advanced manufacturing technique in the industry. It was put into production in August 2017 and can produce 60,000 tons of steel structural components per year to meet the demand for 200,000 square meters fabricated buildings.

  The second phase of the project is planned to build a 6000m2 painting shop on the west side of the plant, a 18,000m2 inside and outside wall production workshop of prefabricated steel structure on the north side, and an office building and a staff dormitory on the northeast side, which can accommodate 200 employees. The entire plant area complies with the planning of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei collaborative development industrial cooperation zone in Dezhou City.