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The opening ceremony of the office building of Shandong Hi-Speed Dejian Group prefabricated building industrial park

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The opening ceremony of the office building of Shandong Dejian Group prefabricated building industrial park


  The total investment of this project is 860 million RMB, which covers an area of more than 160,000 m2, and the comprehensive office building, steel structure workshop, precast concrete component workshop, large storage yard, exhibition area, and other integrated facilities are planned to be built. After completion, it can 600million RMB of achieve annual output value, create 500 jobs, it will be the construction component processing center which has the highest production capacity and the most advanced techniques in the West-North area of Shandong province!


Meantime, the industrial park office building is not only the first prefabricated office building project in Dezhou city, but also the pre-made precast concrete framework prefabricated building project which has the vertical component with the highest assembly rate and the largest construction area in Shandong province. This project is ranked as the key project of Shandong province prefabricated building, which plays a role of demonstrating and leading for the construction industry of Shandong province.

To push the construction and operation of the prefabricated building industrial park scientifically, our group company sets up the first institute of engineering technology in the construction industry of Shandong province. The institute has more than 20 senior technical staff and graduate student in the major of architecture, structure, mechanical and electrical engineering, machinery, decoration, and computer. Their work scopes are listed below :standardized design of prefabricated building, the innovation and development of prefabricated concrete building, prefabricated steel structure building, and steel concrete framework system, carry out standardized design, factory production, informatization management, the research and practice of prefabricated construction whole industrial chain EPC general contracting management mode, study of on site key construction techniques, the lifting and calculation work of prefabricated component, the mold design of prefabricated components, the technical promotion and implementation of group company BIM techniques, the simulation and video display of prefabricated building on site construction process, three dimensional BIM design of prefabricated building integration decoration!

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